Word Dump (Quick Life Update)

I have been unusually quiet on social media for the past couple of weeks (wait, has it been a month already?) and I think I am now at a certain point in my life where I’m finally convinced that peace of mind is of really high value, and I would do anything to attain the maximum level of peace that I can manage. Haha. There has been a lot of major and minor things that happened lately, and I cannot wait to get over this adjustment phase both in my personal and married life.

So, what have I been up to lately? Well, aside from spending so much time playing LDOE (Last Day on Earth) because trust me, it’s such a cool game, watching random Netflix series/movie, and back-reading my email subscriptions, I was basically busy trying to live in peace without being updated with what’s the latest about people on my Instagram or Facebook. In fact, I did something crazy and yep, I muted almost everyone on IG (but let me talk about that some other time), and when it comes to FB, I tweaked my settings so that the first things that I will see are news and not posts of my FB friends. Honestly, I wasn’t so sure why I did those things but to my surprise, it was the best thing that happened in my social media life.

I wish I could put some sense in this post but my month-long hiatus made me ask myself again the WHY/s of keeping this blog. I know I’ve said this a thousand times already but I was thinking that maybe there’s really nothing wrong with revisiting your values and your roots again and again just to be more passionate with your craft. I was definitely sidetracked with my writing (boo you, anxiety) and it felt like forever. I hope I’ll be able to find my pace again as I try to continue my love for words and memories.

2 thoughts on “Word Dump (Quick Life Update)

  1. Same here! I did some clean-up sa FB at IG ko last year and logged out most of the time during 2nd semester. I agree na sobrang peaceful ng life away from social media! And I’ll continue this year. Naglolog in lang yata ako pag magpopost na ng travel photos a week after the trip. Tapos log out na ulit. Hehe.

    Not sure about your reason pero kung anuman yan, you’ve made the right choice. 😊

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