The Past 2 Months

I know I have been very quiet in the past 2 months. I really wanted to write something eversince my last post but I guess I was torn between keeping it vague or if I should put more details of what’s happening in my personal life. Like, should I continue doing a “topic” based kind of write-ups, or just go back to the basics – – the journal type. I keep on reminding myself that this blog is for me to retain memories, so I always have to challenge myself: If I don’t input what’s raw and what’s current, how can I make these entries worth looking back at 10 years from now?

It’s been also 2 months since we moved out of our house. We used to live in a condo here in Quezon City, and we’ve been very happy and much satisfied living in it. I am telling you that I’ve prepared myself so much for condo life until we will have kids of our own. But then God opened new doors for us – – like literally haha. We’ve told the story countless times whenever we have to explain to people why we are currently living with my in-laws. Basically, it’s like this: God will open opportunities where He can display His power and glory. And those opportunities will always be overwhelming, both on a positive and negative way.

My daily routine was also messed up in the past months, because not having my own personal space really has an effect on the things that I need to do, and want to do. I feel like I was focused so much on the thought that this set-up is just temporary, so the things that I was doing were also “temporary” – – like Mobile Legends and Age of Empires. Hahaha. But there were busy days, and busy weeks when I had to do some work for a local client, and at the same time look for specific suppliers and items that we would still be needing for the house. It was a bit stressful, to be honest. But I guess God would never want us to be stuck in our comfort zones, so I just have to keep on moving, and do things.

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