Christmas 2019 With Girlfriends

Writing this while on bed, nursing a sore throat and colds. Maybe I had too much fun last night. Wait. Is there such thing as too much when you’re having fun? Sabagay. Sabi nga nila, masama ang lahat ng sobra. Well, dahil minsan lang naman kami magkita-kita, I therefore conclude that that concept is not applicable. Haha.

We had a lot of firsts in our Christmas dinner this year. One, our food had a theme: Mexican. Second, we played games: Taboo and Guesstures. Haha. In the past, we just usually dine out and go straight to exchange gifts. I have no idea why we did these things only now, when it could’ve been a yearly thing. Sige. I’ll make sure we add these things in our tradition.

This was actually the second time we had official visitors in our new home. It’s been only 3 weeks since we moved in, and we still lack some basic furniture, like sofa, so I had to be resourceful on how to accommodate 6 other people in our empty living room. Buti na lang may dining table na kami, so that’s where we spent most of our time last night. Btw, our decors are recycled ones from a previous Christmas party. Inuwi ko yung mga balloon, sayang eh. Kahit hindi Mexican looking, ipilit natin. Hahahaha.

I made some Cheeseburger Quesadilla (RECIPE HERE) and my forever Salsa. We now have an oven in our kitchen so I’m into anything that can be baked/cooked in it. Sobrang saya ng may oven!! Hahahaha. Karla cooked the other food, Fem made some churros, Domeng brought drinks and CHEESE! Haha. Yelle, made some guacamole. We had a lot of food kaya ngayon, puno na naman ang ref namin. Thank you ladies! No need pa for me to do grocery sa dami ng pwede pa namin kainin. Hahaha. See, that’s the thing when you’re the one who hosts dinner/party. You get to keep all the leftovers, and I’m not even complaining!!

Guess who’s my Secret Santa this year?? I asked for a set of specific kind of plate and I’m so happy I got it! Thank you, Domeng! I’ll post photos of it next time. Or siguro sa IG stories ko. Haha. Basta, I can’t wait to use it!

Meanwhile, I bought Darel’s gift in True Value. Haha. Ang simple lang naman kasi ng wish nya. Wax ng kotse. O edi yan, atleast makikinabang rin ako. Hahaha. Ang hirap itago ng regalo ko sayo ha. Actually, there are other things on his list. Pero hello, between PS4 game and car wax, sige nga, anong mas wais bilhin mga misis?? Hahaha.

We exchanged gifts after playing Guesstures, so we all agreed na pahulaan rin kung ano yung gift na ibibigay namin. Sobrang benta. Si Darel mali yung inact out kasi pinabili lang naman nya sakin yung pang regalo nya. Haha!

I just had to include a photo of Karla and Kim’s gift for me because duh, it’s Supergirl. We all received one, based on our fav cartoon character, or I’m not sure… maybe based on what Karla thought would suit us best. Hahahaha. Jollibee for Fem, Britney Spears for Domeng.

We ended at almost 2am, because they decided to help us out in cleaning, especially in washing the dishes. I guess that explains why I’m not feeling well today. Puyat pa more. Haha. But last night was fun! Let’s do it again.

Merry Christmas, girlfriends!

3 thoughts on “Christmas 2019 With Girlfriends

    1. Sa SM Dept Store lang yan!! Sa home section. Ang mura lang, wala pang 200pesos each. Yung iba na maliit mga 35php nga eh. 😊

      Hahahaha. Maipilit lang na Mexican. Hope you have a wonderful time with friends and fam this Christmas! ❤️


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