Tell Me Where to Find the Motivation to be Motivated

I don’t know. Maybe I should just do one thing. Either I focus on writing or try to reinvent myself by exploring the world of creating videos. I figured it would be the next best option for me since I always find myself out of words lately (nope, won’t be a vlogger in my lifetime). But wait. I also want to take up a new hobby. Like sewing (yes, I’m serious). Is that still possible? Ugh. Only 4 months left til I leave 30, and I’m back in this familiar black hole I was navigating 5 years ago. Well, except for the fact that when I was 25, atleast I had a couple of things to keep me distracted from the questions, “Is this really where I’m supposed to be?” and “Is this really what I’m supposed to do?”.

If I were to be honest, I still can’t get a good grip on finding the motivation to be motivated in life. There are days when I would be so productive, feeling happy, only to find out that it will be followed by consecutive days of totally slacking off, drowning myself with whatever game I have downloaded from the App Store, or just continue watching Gossip Girl because I never really had the chance to finish the series, and basically just put off the idea of making an effort to do something else aside from what I just mentioned.

If this is me experiencing a delayed case of quarter life crisis or a premature mid life crisis assuming that I’ll only live til 60 yrs old, whatever this is, this needs to stop. I know this has something to do with me being a failure, or feeling like one, and I also know that I can do better than this, but I seem to have lost the desire of pressing the “try again” button in my life. Maybe I’m scared. Or maybe I’m just tired. For whatever reason, I guess I’m just not ready yet.

11 thoughts on “Tell Me Where to Find the Motivation to be Motivated

  1. May moment talaga tayong ganyan ano? We find some days unproductive and we’re bothered about it. Though may nabasa ako na if you feel na kelangan mo lang magpakatamad, then doing so is actually an achievement, especially sa mga workaholics or sa mga di mapirmi. Haha. Iwasan lang maging habit.

    Try to do something na kasama si hubby, iba ang motivation pag may buddy. Like archery, walk in the park, podcasting, etc. 😁

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    1. Feeling ko nga rin, dahil sanay ako ng kelangan laging productive kaya ito. Ang hirap iaccept na hindi ko kaya maging productive. Pero sabi mo nga, let us not be hard in ourselves. So sige. Embrace ko lang itong season kong ‘to. 😊


      1. You know what, I was thinking on writing a topic about “There’s a reason for every season” the other day. Tinamad lang ako. Wahahaha.


      2. Ituloy mo na yan. So that people can be reminded. Like, I believe in that saying, pero sa ngayon hindi ko lang maramdaman masyado. So sige nga, paki remind ako please. Hahaha.


  2. It was a bit scary reading this post because I thought “did I write this and gave to someone else?”! I feel you! I am 31 and I am at the some point than you. I want to really know what I want to do in life. I want to write but we know than does’t really give you money (Well I believe will give me money one, I need to keep my motivation). So when you know the tick to be motivated, pleaseeeeee tell me.

    PS: Team Blair!!!!!! Skip the last season, just watch the final episode.

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    1. I’m willing to subscribe to a daily supply of motivation, if there’s any. Haha. This is such comforting to hear, realizing that I am not the only one who feels this way. Thank you for leaving this comment. :)

      Re: Gossip Girl
      I can’t wait to finish all the remaining episodes! I’m still halfway through season 5 and I’m having a change of heart. I think I like Blair more now than Serena. I’ll update when I’m done with it. Excited!

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