2nd Day of Metro Manila Community Quarantine Due to Covid-19: Please Stay at Home

Today is the second day of the thirty-day community quarantine in Metro Manila as mandated by the Philippine government, after the WHO (World Health Organization) announced covid-19 outbreak as a pandemic due to the rapid increase in the number of cases outside China, where the virus originated. I really haven’t felt the full effect of this community quarantine, but I am receiving news updates that a fuller Metro Manila lockdown will be proposed at a Malacanang meeting this afternoon. I would agree, because it seems like a lot of people still don’t take this pandemic seriously.

Looking at the list of the covid-19 positive cases confirmed by DOH (Department of Health), almost half of them have unverified or had no contact at all with a confirmed covid-19 patient, including the 13 year old girl from Quezon City — the youngest in the country. The first coronavirus case in the Philippines was confirmed last January 30. A month and a half later, the country has confirmed 140 cases, with 12 deaths, as of this writing.

Please stay at home as much as possible. Your health and those of others are more important than anything else in the world right now.

Reposting here one of my ig stories:

2 thoughts on “2nd Day of Metro Manila Community Quarantine Due to Covid-19: Please Stay at Home

  1. Hay! saka yung naging problema kasi ng iba eh alam naman nila (lalo na yung mga nag travel from affected countries/places) eh hindi sila nag iinitiative na mag self quarantine nalang. Tapos kahit effective na yung community quarantine, marami pa rin nagsisilabasan ng bahay kahit di naman essential workers. Sakit sa ulo talaga! Renel, ingat kayo diyan ng family mo.

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    1. Sobrang totoo nyang mga sinabi mo. Yung iba hindi sineseryoso yung risks ng covid-19. Tapos yung mga Mayor pa namin. Huhu. Let’s pray na things will get better soon. Ingat rin kayo dyan, Khae!


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