2/30 Things Before Leaving 30: DIY Ring Dish (Polymer Clay)

A couple of weeks ago, before this whole community quarantine started, I tried exploring the world of polymer clays. I never liked playing with clays as a child so it was really a surprise when I suddenly had the interest on this. I also have never tried working on clays that you’re supposed to bake, so this was really a trial and error process. Well, Pinterest and Youtube gave me confidence to get started.


The first attempt was a basic gray ring dish, baked at 120degC for 15 mins. It turned out fine. I was proud of my work. The next day, I tried making 2 more with different designs. It was almost midnight when I decided to bake it, but this time I tried doing something different. I left the gray and white one in the oven for an additional 15 mins, making its total baking time 30 mins. On the other hand, the blue and white was in for an hour.

The following day, I tried breaking the ring dishes. My first polymer baby, the basic gray one which was baked for 15mins, snapped easily. The gray and white which was done in 30mins, took me a long time to break. It started having cracks at first, then it eventually gave up after a few more attempts to crush it. Polymer clays are really supposed to be flexible, so the baking time matters. A lot. I figured an hour is good enough for me. So yeah, the blue and white one survived.


I was supposed to buy a gold paint to put on the edges of the ring dishes, but I only have one dish remaining. Should I try baking again? .

More thoughts:
If you never try you’ll definitely never know. You can always start a new hobby. Learn something new. Age doesn’t always have to limit you on what you can and cannot do. Just do it. Get started, then adjust as you go along in the process. If you always put off things just because you don’t know how it will turn out, then how else would you know what it’s gonna be like at the end if you don’t even begin?

What do you think?

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