10/30 Things Before Leaving 30: We Made A Bread!


Yesterday, we tried making a bread. And not just any ordinary bread. It was a sourdough bread! The week this ECQ was announced, I was reading Robin Sloan’s Sourdough. It was a good novel; so good that it made me curious what this sourdough is all about. So I made my own starter and was diligent enough in feeding it every day. But it turned out that I didn’t have enough flour so it wasn’t able to eat properly for a couple of days. That explains the 4 kgs of flour I ordered and received early this week; because I have a sourdough starter that needs to be fed. (yes, this thing is alive). Or maybe I just really want to bake these days.


Long story short, it was a major fail. The bread didn’t rise. But it smells and tastes like bread! Best part is, we got the crispy bread crust. Still, it was so obvious that it didn’t have any air in it. Hahaha. I have 2 things in mind: (1) We got too excited in kneading the dough so we have overdone it (2) The starter isn’t ready to begin with. Who knows, it could even be dead. Haha. I made a new one, quite confident that it will be ready by next week because I won’t run out of flour anymore. So while waiting, I figured we needed some yeast to make other kinds of bread. I found a seller in Shopee, ordered 1kg and received it the same day. Hurray!


This afternoon, while I was busy doing meal plans, Darel decided to make some dinner rolls. In case you missed this part of his past life, he took up culinary after graduating from a business degree in college and worked in the food industry for a few years. He wanted to be a pastry chef so bad. Well, I enjoyed watching him bake today. It’s been a while.


Bread noob alert: I was amazed by how the dough rises. It’s like magic! He even had to reprimand me several times because I keep on taking a peek at the dough. Haha. Few hours later, I could already smell the bread, fresh from the oven. And yes, it looks good and tastes good!


Btw, I ordered some butter. I’m just waiting for to it to be delivered so we can continue this bread baking saga.

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