11/30 Things Before Leaving 30: You Can Always Play Solitaire If You Like


This was in Lakawon during our 3 week backpacking adventure, also known as our wedding honeymoon. I was playing solitaire in my phone while on board the Tawhai, their floating bar. Many people are not aware that you can actually enjoy the place even just for an overnight stay, or even daytrip. Anything beyond 2 nights is kinda extra and could be extremely boring, atleast in our preference.

We got bored easily because there’s really nothing much you can do aside from the floating bar experience. It was jellyfish season too so we weren’t able to enjoy the beach that much. After breakfast, we would go to Tawhai, order some drinks, sleep, swim in the middle of the sea, get some jellyfish stings, watch the sunset, play solitaire, go back to the island, grab some dinner, then head back to our kubo. This easily became the routine in our 2 whole days of stay. Writing this now sounds like we’ve had the most amazing time but back then we just cannot wait to move to our next destination.

This quarantine somehow brings me back to those days in Lakawon wherein we had so much time in our hands, yet got nothing else to do because the island doesn’t have any other options, or the options just doesn’t suit our taste.

Well, isn’t it just the same with most of us today? Having so much time yet so bored and annoyed that we cannot go out? We’re lucky enough if we are in the comforts of our own homes, annoyed by the boredom of our lives, having the luxury of time scrolling our feed, and not being obliged to go outside because we need to work. We have the option to just eat, netflix, sleep, stay up late, or just do whatever. In case you are running out of things to do, well, you can always play solitaire if you like.

ECQ is extended til May 15. Stay healthy and keep safe. Not everyone gets to choose where and how to spend their time this pandemic. Be thankful. Always.

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