12/30 Things Before Leaving 30: Bye, Long Hair


Last month, I trimmed my hair, doing a layered cut because I felt like my hair looked so dull. It was a success. Yay! See last 2 photos: layered cut and what my hair originally looked like.

You’ve always known me as the girl who changes her hair color often and doing it all by herself, BUT today I’ve taken my hair game to the next level by going supah dupah short and doing it at home. Where else can we get a haircut nowadays anyway? Thanks to my ever supportive husband for the assist! Being brave is not enough to reach the back of your head on your own. Haha. The video only shows til the clipper part but I still did a few (or a lot, actually) trims after that.

This is not final yet. It might look kinda good in the photos but I’m pretty sure my hair have really crazy cuts. We don’t even a proper scissor! We’ve been working on this for hours so we need to take a break and just continue tomorrow. I am currently torn between this undercut thing and going full on pixie. I mean, I’ve had super short hairstyles in the past but pixie never happened. I am convinced that the best time to do new experiments with my hair is now, or NEVER. Whatever happens, happens. Haha. It’s not like I can go out and face people anytime soon.


What do you think?

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