14/30 Things Before Leaving 30: In Photo: Today’s Set-Up For A Video Shoot


I have safely archived my random photos and videos dating all the way back to 2006. It’s one of my most prized posessions, I think. Haha. When Multiply have shut down their website and I wasn’t able to get about 50% of my files in there, I literally cried for days. Since then, 2 things happened: (1) I told myself that it’s not good to get too attached in photos and videos (2) I hoarded more photos and videos. Hahahaha. The introduction of smartphones was a real game changer.

I have invested in some “equipments” over the years, simply because I found myself in love with editing videos in my mid 20s. I bought an action cam (but GoPro was never in my options because I find it too expensive), tripod, mic. A phone gimbal and a sturdier tripod were the most recent purchases. But I never bought the pricey ones and it took me months and years before buying the next one. In fact, I think what I own are the cheapest ones in the market. I get it on sale too most of the time. Haha. Even the editing software I’m using is just a free one. I learned: pursuing new hobbies doesn’t necessarily have to be too expensive. And yes, I was able to make some pretty good video edits from all of it, though I still need something for a good lighting, but makeshift ones could work pretty well for now.

Well, I do plan to invest in some good ones in the future, but now I want to prioritize improving my craft with what I currently have (I’m still so amateur with these things but I have learned a lot over the years). All because discipline and patience cannot bought easily, as well as creativity. It takes a lot of experience to hone such things. Like what most people say: You don’t wait to start on something once you have all the things you need. Most of the time, you just need to start small and see where it will take you.

What do you think?

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