17/30 Things Before Leaving 30: It’s An Art They Say


A very rare photo of me in the gym, trying to understand my husband’s passion for fitness. This was October 2019. The only time I became consistent in doing home workouts was year 2017, where frequent beach trips became the motivation to be somehow physically fit. Haha. I know. What a shallow drive. But having that mindset pushed me to just do it everyday, with Rafa most of the time, until my body got used to it. Now, everything is different. Just the thought of exercise makes me exhausted already.

Truth is, I struggle so much with consistency. I find it so hard to develop good habits. In fact, one of the things that I hate about myself is that I have the tendency of starting things and eventually losing the desire to finish it. It happens every single time. Even this “30 Things” daily write-up is now becoming a burden. Hahaha. But I’m pushing myself to just continue no matter what. Write whatever. Just write. Don’t self-sabotage. Don’t give in to laziness. It’s okay if it’s not perfect. Thoughts are more beautiful when it’s raw.

I’m testing my limits. It’s an art they say. I have strived and failed to stick in doing things so many times, so I’m not letting this one go down the drain again. Note to self: Not for the outcome, but for the process. After this, maybe home workouts would be next.

One thought on “17/30 Things Before Leaving 30: It’s An Art They Say

  1. Thoughts are more beautiful when it’s raw. – <3. I have lots of notes but never gets published. Sorry to spam your blog but I enjoy reading yours :) And same, consistency is not my strength :D


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