20/30 Things Before Leaving 30: This Took Me 7 Hours


Ohmy. I made another legit bread, and it’s edible.

Artisan breads are no joke. I made this for 7 long hours! Yep. I was up at 5:30am today. I was telling Darel the other day that I think I like making breads more than pastries, for the reason that it uses only few ingredients (flour, salt, water and yeast are the basics). He feels the opposite. He’d rather work on many ingredients than wait hours for the dough to rise and repeat it several times.

Well, this may not be the best looking bread since I don’t have a dutch oven. I improvised by using 2 baking pans instead. I figured that’s probably why it didn’t rise enough, ‘cos it didn’t have enough space, and I was also really going for the golden brown crust. Another thing, the crumbs could still be improved a bit. But!! It still turned out quite acceptable.

I’m keeping a cooking/baking journal and I currently have a lot of notes, list of do’s and dont’ s for each recipe I’ve tried, and other important things. I’m archiving foolproof recipes for my future self. Hahaha.



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