25/30 Things Before Leaving 30:Finding Sleep

It took me 12 minutes, more or less, to reach the third floor of the house just to go down again and repeat everything for 10 rounds, NONSTOP. I figured I need something to exhaust myself because I woke up at almost 1pm today.

I have missed 2 days of my posting scheme because my body clock became worse (I’ll try to catch up). I have been sleeping at 5am for 2 days already, so I was having hard time keeping up with some things, including my writing.

I already tried a natural sleep supplement but I don’t think it’s working its supposed wonder to me. I’m still having a hard time falling asleep even tho I drink it as prescribed. The first time I tried it, I was happy that it helped me fall asleep at around 11pm… only to find myself wide awake at 3am. HAHAHA. I still slept at around 3am the next day so yes, I was kinda awake for 24hrs?

No, I am not thinking or worrying about anything. Maybe I just have lots of energy (haha) because eversince this ECQ, I no longer do the house chores alone, thanks to Darel James.

Well, climbing the stairs could be my new hobby after this virus. Here’s to hoping I can get a good sleep tonight!

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