27/30 Things Before Leaving 30:How Time Flies

We have rearranged our bedroom a bit to accommodate this temporary set-up. Since the month started, we’ve been spending less time in other parts of the house, meaning we are struggling to survive the heat of the day without air-conditioning (kamusta kaya bill namin sa Meralco this month?), so we spend most of our time in here. I know. Thank God for this privilege.

Initially, we had it placed at the foot of the bed but I don’t know, this looks so much better. Also, I love how our dining bench is so multi-purpose. We use it as low table when we are in the living, and now we can also use it as a tv stand here in the bedroom (because this tv belongs downstairs).

We are ready for our night routine: Darel James with the PS4, while me with the Switch. Haha. It’s been almost 6 months since we moved in here. How time flies!

Isn’t it terrifying sometimes to realize how fast time flies? Imagine, we’re all stuck in this virus situation for 2 months already. Can’t wait for better days.

What do you think?

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