28/30 Things Before Leaving 30:I’m Not Good With Knives

Eversince we got married and started living together, Darel and I only owned one knife – your typical chef knife. Yes, we’ve cooked various meals in the last 2 years and we only had one knife in our kitchen the entire time. We didn’t even buy it ourselves because it was the one Darel got in culinary school. It’s a pretty good brand, so we treasured it a lot (or maybe because ayaw lang talaga namin bumili ng extra haha). Fact: He is quite meticulous when it comes to the quality of kitchen utensils/equipments we buy or use, which is a good thing, because I’m not.

Today, we received the paring knife we ordered from Lazada. Hurray! Cutting fruits and veggies will be easier now for Darel. Hahahaha. After 2 years! Siguro nahirapan na sya because he knows I was never confident in using knives, so whenever I cook and he has time to spare, he would always offer to cut the ingredients for me. Haha.

To my husband: Next time ‘pag hirap ka na din magwash ng dishes, go signal lang for the dishwasher ha?

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