DIY Chicken Wire Bulletin Board

2 weeks before Christmas last year, I still don’t have a gift for Darel. Hahaha. I tried to think of the best thing possible to give him then I remembered that he wanted to have a vision board so bad. Pero alam mo kasi yung nakakainis dahil the day after I decided to surprise him with this, sabi nya, “Alam ko na i-gift mo sakin! Vision board na lang!” Hay nako. So anyway, here goes the story of the bulletin/vision board. I had a hard time scheduling when to buy the materials and when to do it so I ended … Continue reading DIY Chicken Wire Bulletin Board

DIY Bleach and DYE

Hello people! This is the kind of entry I haven’t done for YEARS so please, bear with me. Haha. SO…. I just DIY dyed my hair and decided to blog about this because for 2 days, I had a hard time searching Google for reviews which I might find useful for my hair adventure. I mean, yeah there were some but I still find it a bit lacking of info for a newbie (sort of) like me. I’m thinking probably some of you would find this a bit helpful. Well, it’s not the first time I colored my hair at … Continue reading DIY Bleach and DYE

Brown-Haired Girl!

I’m now officially a brown-haired girl! I’ve always wanted to have my hair colored so instead of spending around 2,000PHP in a salon, I decided to try Etude House’s Bubble Hair Dye for only 378PHP! Honestly, I really wanted to have a somewhat reddish color but the “Red Wine” Bubble Hair Dye was out of stock so I ended up with the “Original Brown”. I was a bit scared at first because it was my first time to have my hair colored… but, having no choice, I just trusted my sister’s hands and let her do the job. Hahaha! I … Continue reading Brown-Haired Girl!