Piano Covers

I started playing the piano on year 2008. I was already in college that time and in fact, I never imagined myself having an interest with this instrument. But God allowed unexpected twists in my life wherein I found playing the piano as an outlet for the things which words cannot express. I started out by refreshing my knowledge in reading music notes since I had basic violin lessons when I was in highschool. However, it did not work out for me so I tried watching Youtube tutorials instead. After few months of being determined to play even just a single piano piece, I eventually learned how to do piano covers just by ear or by listening to the song. Many times I wanted to give up. I had those times wherein I get so frustrated every time I find myself stuck in the chorus part and can’t finish the song. But then it has become a routine for me. I’ll practice playing on weekends and even before I leave the house on school days. Years passed by and I can say that all my hard work paid off. I’m not saying that I’m already a pro pianist. All I can is that I have improved. Yet, I still have so much to learn.

This is my journey of playing the piano. I love recording my covers, learn from it and look back from time to time just to see how God has blessed me with such gift when it comes to music. I want to experience playing in a grand piano someday (kahit baby grand piano sige lang!), not for an audience but just for myself. Haha! My arrangements may be simple compared to other good pianists, but still I find joy in it because I know that it comes from my heart.

*These piano covers are arranged by year and date. Some are just drafts or just a simple intro (especially during my starting years. Haha!)*

2008.May.30_Because Of You – Draft
2008.Dec.29_Mad – Draft 1 
2009.Mar.22_Love Story – Draft 
2009.Mar.22_Mad – Draft 2 
2009.Mar.22_River Flows In You
2009.Mar.23_Hot & Cold – Draft
2009.Mar.23_I’m Yours – Draft
2009.Apr.24_All My Life – Draft
2009.Apr.24_Unfaithful – Draft
2009.May.15_Bubbly – Draft
2009.May.21_I Hate This Part – Draft
2009.May.21_Love Bug – Draft
2009.Jun.21_White Horse
2009.Jun.21_Zephyr Song
2009.Nov.02_Plays Pretty For Baby
2009.Nov.05_I Don’t Care
2009.Nov.08_One Time – Draft
2009.Nov.09_Give My Love & Sugar We’re Going Down
2009.Nov.12_Take A Bow – Draft
2009.Nov.22_Antukin – Draft
2009.Nov.23_Take A Bow
2009.Nov.24_You Belong With Me – Draft
2009.Dec.01_When It Rains – Draft
2009.Dec.03_New Perspective
2010.Jan.25_Bad Romance – Draft
2010.Jan.28_Your Song
2010.Feb.06_Gee – Draft
2010.Feb.16_Because Of You (Ne-Yo) – Draft
2010.Mar.15_Meet Me Halfway – Draft
2010.Mar.28_Vanilla Twilight – Draft
2010.May.07_Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now
2010.May.08_Hey Soul Sister
2010.Jun.04_Here In My Life
2010.Jun.05_The Only Exception
2010.Jun.07_My Happy Ending
2010.Jun.28_Sana Maulit Muli – Draft
2010.Jun.29_Sana Maulit Muli
2010.Aug.18_Nothin’ On You
2011.Jun.03_Fallin For You & Lazy Song
2013.Feb.21_On My Own
2013.Feb.22_Gangnam Style
2013.Apr.13_Call Me Maybe – Draft
2013.May.21_22 – Draft
2013.May.29_Steady My Heart & We Are
2013.Jun.01_When I Was Your Man

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